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A few weeks ago in IRC, Lucas Garron was asking people to benchmark the Mark 2 scrambler, and one of the ‘tests’ was to generate 1000 3×3 scrambles. Because this was so fast (only about 30-40 seconds for 1000 near-optimal, random-state scrambles, or roughly 30-40ms each, including solver initialisation). I decided to see how difficult it would be to add this random-state 3×3 scrambler to qqTimer, with no prior experience in JavaScript.

It turned out to be fairly easy after Lucas told me about the “API” for Mark 2, so I decided to add some other things I thought qqTimer was missing, like adjustable scramble size (when I do BLD it’s hard to read scrambles because I can’t wear my glasses). I also added a blindfolded mode, which allows you to press the spacebar during the solve to mark the end of memorisation, and the memorisation time is added as a comment on the solve.

I posted this branch of qqTimer in the qqTimer thread on Speedsolving, and people posted about some of the bugs in it (I was adding onto a dev version of qqTimer that may or may not have been posted on the forums by qqwref, I don’t know), and I fixed all of the ones which were mentioned, and added more features. The last feature I added was the ability to have 5 separate sessions, instead of only one (which was a new feature in the dev version).  I made a few a lot of new bugs with the mean of N feature, and didn’t have time to fix those before qqwref sent me a message, asking if I were okay with him releasing what I’d worked on, with some newer stuff from him, including last layer scrambles and big cube scrambles with solved centres.

It’s still a bit buggy with Internet Explorer (because, well, it’s Internet Explorer. It’s not compatible with anything on the Internet), and Firefox (version 8 is slow with JavaScript and version 9 can’t even start the timer), but in the best browser (I’m talking about Google Chrome) it works great.

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