I’ll be posting some BLD/cubing/whatever information here on this blog.


  • Re-write my list of letter pairs for edges and corners, which will be in separate documents.
  • Update the collection of algorithms I have for 3-cycles (and learn some better algs I have written down)
  • Write algorithms for other buffers (eg UF, UB, ULB, URF)
  • Finish generating 3style algs for x-centres, using an Ulb buffer.
  • Finish generating all “22LL” cases (last layer cases consisting of only a 2-cycle of edges and a 2-cycle of corners. There are 60 cases, afaik)
  • Write out proper explanations of my memory and execution methods. They’re FAQs.

And I have to find the time to do all of this between Skyrim, Fallout 3, Minecraft, and cubing (and eventually university).

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