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22LL Finished

Link: 22LL page I finally got around to finishing the 22LL page. I started it a long time ago, but stopped after filling out the A set and the E set (minus EBD and EBE). I was very recently sent … Continue reading


Stuff I've Done

All of these will be links to posts on my blog unless they are incomplete, or not completed to a standard with which I am happy. Whenever I release something, there will be a blog post for it, and a permanent link added to the sidebar (and here). I won't be spamming the blog with cubing times or anything like that so you can subscribe using RSS without worrying being spammed.

  • Modifications to qqTimer
    Now included in the official release!
  • 22LL
    A collection of all last layer cases which consist only of a 2-cycle of edges and a 2-cycle of corners. There are 56 cases in total, divided into 5 sets. If you have any better algs, send me a message.
  • DF buffer algs
    BLD edges - needs revision and to be rewritten using Speffz, currently uses my scheme. I've already started rewriting this list from scratch with hopefully better algs, and I'll put that up here and on the blog when it's done.